As Mentioned in Episode 01 – The Creation of Captain Marvel

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1. Roscoe Kent Fawcett – the man who gave us the idea behind Captain Marvel.


2. Wilford Hamilton Fawcett – Captain Billy


3. Flash Comics #1 and Thrill Comics #1 – Covers of the ashcan editions Fawcett printed before finding a title they could copyright.



4. Whiz Comics #2 – The first appearance of Captain Marvel! You can read it HERE.

5. Bonus Reading: Comics creator Fred Hembeck on the creation of Captain Marvel. Must read. An excerpt:

Contrary to most conventional wisdom, Fawcett Comics did not create Captain Marvel specifically as a rip-off of Superman. Certainly the success of Superman and Batman over at DC instigated new ideas at rival publishers – after all, nothing breeds imitation like success – but the original concept behind what would become Captain Marvel tells a different story.

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