As Mentioned in Episode 08 – Make Way for Captain Thunder!

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If you haven’t already, be sure and give Episode 08 a listen!

This episode covers the story Make Way for Captain Thunder! from June 1974’s Superman #276.  You can find a beautiful reprint in Shazam: A Celebration of 75 Years.

00 Belt

The Super-Hero World Championship is On the Line!

01 How Dare You

A Super Jerk is what he is.

02 Meet Merokee

Meet Merokee.  This will be the last time we talk about him, ok?

03 These Guys

Oh my gosh, I want to read this story so very much.

04 Trash Talk

Captain Thunder bringing that smack talk heat I’m telling ya.

05 What

Wait…. what??

06 OK Sure

What a weird ending to this story.  Or any story really.

And finally, here’s the excerpt concerning Captain Marvel from the Jerry Ordway Interview on We Talk Comics:

07 WTC

Be sure to check out the full episode here or on iTunes.

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1 Comment

  • Jeff on 05/05/2016

    Another awesome episode! I always learn so much listening to your podcasts – you draw out aspects of the comic and characters that I miss or wouldn’t have thought of. Looking forward to listening to more!!

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