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Fan Made Shazam Movie Trailers

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The subReddit dedicated to Captain Marvel Shazam has yielded two movie trailers for the upcoming (and obviously highly anticipated) Shazam movie.  Both got me excited for the movie and some parts even gave me some goosebumps.

Since I’m not sure how many of Shazamcast!‘s readers visit Reddit I thought I’d post them here.  Enjoy!

The first is from Youtube user AListProductions:

The second is from Youtube user UltraSeargeant:

Last but not least, from Youtube user TMPCTD:


The Superhero Show: 6 Actors Who Could Play Shazam

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I try to leave the Shazam movie discussion to others who are better qualified but I thought this video from IGN‘s The Superhero Show might be of interest to Shazamcast readers.

The last good idea I had on this front was to cast Logan Lerman as Billy Batson but, considering Lerman is now 23 years old, that ship has sailed.

So, what do you think about IGN’s choices?  I guess the only non-negotiable (in my heart anyway) is “John Cena?  Are you kidding?”