All I Want for Christmas is a Captain Marvel On-Going Series

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Comics Alliance has released their list of Characters Most in Need of a Solo Book in 2016.  They’ve rightly picked Shazm, née Captain Marvel.  And look which books and creator they point to as models for the suggested on-going:

I can’t claim to be a long-time fan of DC’s Captain Marvel. In a universe that already has a Superman, he always felt like a slightly goofy spare to me. But in the past twelve months, I’ve read two comics that changed my mind: Multiversity’s Thunderworld Adventures and Convergence: Shazam. The artists on each series — Cameron Stewart and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner — offer up different but equally simple takes on the character, all square-jawed heroism and joyously improbable strongman muscles. The Shazam series — easily the best thing to come out of Convergence — played up the simple bright appeal of the characters even further, by contrasting the incredibly crisp reds and yellows of Jordie Bellaire’s colours with the darkness of Gotham by Gaslight.

So now I’d love to see a Shazam series drawn by Shaner, one that goes to the bright, silly places that modern Superman comics often fear to tread, ideally with Mr Mind as the recurring big bad. I mean, a psychic mastermind caterpillar — what’s not to like? [Alex Spencer]

In a word, yes.  Even Spencer, someone who confesses himself not a fan of the character, gets the appeal of the character which Stewart and Shaner both tapped into and continued in their respective works.  Both Thunderworld and Convergence: Shazam were unembarrassed by the character’s light-hearted history while also carrying that light-heartedness forward without being trapped by what had already been done.  (TL;DR – they wrote a historically faithful version of the character that was a blast to read in a contemporary context.)















So again, yes, what is needed this year is a Shazam on-going.  Come on Santa DC – make it happen for all of us volunteer members of the Marvel Family.  Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men might not be in your reach but giving Cap a chance to shine certainly is.

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