Earliest Ashcans Not Entirely Lost After All

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Remember the two ashcan editions referred to in the As Mentioned post for Episode 01 of the podcast – the ones Fawcett printed before they realized they couldn’t copyright Flash Comics or Thrill Comics?



In an excellent example of post-Great Depression frugality the art from those covers shows back up (quite quickly) in Whiz Comics #3 (of March 1940 as opposed to the Whiz Comics #3 of April 1940 – you can find both #3s HERE) on page 14 in the bottom left corner.


I’ve since taken those ashcan covers and treated them like a coloring sheet.  My digital coloring skills, as you can see, are quite rudimentary.


Want to give it a try for yourself?  You can find the highest res copy I have HERE.  If you take up the challenge please send it in; I’d love to show off the best submissions.

One last thing – if you are interested in buying the ashcan for the 1939 series which beat Fawcett to the copyright on the title Flash Comics and you have approximately $5,000,000 dollars you aren’t doing anything else with you’re in luck!  At the time of this writing eBay has one available for purchase.

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