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Do you reddit?

If so, you know how dismal this screenshot is:


Old posts on the main page. No banner modification. The front page of nothing but Neglected.

That sad-sack subreddit is the one dedicated to Earth’s Mightiest Mortal and, if you are a Cap fan, I think you will agree with me in saying it is far beneath the character’s worth.

I mean, compare it to Spiderman’s:


Now, of course, Captain Marvel is no where as popular as Spidey.  Nonetheless, check out that cool banner and custom icons.  Look particularly at those recent post dates.

Those are the fruits of a healthy subreddit.

That isn’t a worthy goal in-and-of itself.  However, considering reddit’s popularity – particularly among younger users of the web – it seems like an underused utility when it comes to helping new fans find the character and his stories.

So this post counts as a casual appeal: when you find Captain Marvel content on the web – whatever it is – would you consider posting it on /r/Shazam?

If you feel like writing something about Captain Marvel for the web would you consider reddit as your forum (if you don’t have a blog or some other means of publishing the content), i.e. would you consider writing it up on /r/Shazam?

I’m not asking for the posting of Shazamcast content; it seems that community doesn’t much care for links from here.  However, raising Cap’s public profile will take efforts on several fronts and, being a central aim of The Shazamcast, reddit seems like a good place to make an effort.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read!

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