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Carl Shinyama of Facebook and Twitter‘s Let’s Talk Shazam (who you should follow at the links earlier in this sentence) has pointed out some good news about the upcoming Justice League Action cartoon.  Now here’s to hoping that Captain Marvel won’t be as much of a background character as that image seems to suggest!

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  • Carl Shinyama on 02/01/2016

    I think he’ll at least be featured in one episode, if not more. When it was reported, it was said that the roster would be “always-rotating,” so I’ve reason to believe that it will be fluid, depending on the episode.

    Here’s hoping the tide brings us Captain Marvel quite frequently!

    • Author
      Curator on 02/03/2016

      That at-least-one-episode is a good thing imo because it allows fans to vote with their viewing and social media buzz regarding which characters attract their interest. And yes, I certainly join you in that hope. 🙂

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