New Captain Marvel [Shazam] One-Shot Next Month

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Today author Steve Orlando tweeted this:

Here’s the premise according to the DC Comics website:

ON SALE 11/11, Price: $3.99 (U.S.)

A boy becomes an army of Gods! No longer does Billy Batson have access to the powers of the Old Gods. Now, he commands the combined might of Highfather, Mantis and other New Gods. But these Gods are not passive. And they will sooner destroy Billy than give up control of their power.

Here’s the [highest res I can find] image from Comic Book resources (and you can find out more about the series of one-shots this issue is a part of on CBR here).


I plan on picking this one up, despite my reservations about the changes to the character, just to let DC know there is a market for the character.  Proceed, of course, as you see fit.

If High Father, Mantis, and the New Gods aren’t familar to you here’s an introduction from Chris Sims on Comics Alliance.  An excerpt:

Jack Kirby created a series of comic books that were truly mythological in scope. But rather than dealing with the explanations that the rapidly advancing science of the 20th century had made irrelevant, he focused on other, more metaphysical questions: What is the nature of good and evil, and is it possible for one to arise from the other? What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to lose that freedom? Can the horrors of war and violence be justified? These weren’t new questions by any means, but they were the ones people ask that don’t have easy, scientifically provable answers, which is why they persist and inspire stories that explore them.

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  • Jeff on 10/27/2015

    I’m with you, I’ll probably pick up a copy to let DC know that Captain Marvel/Shazam is a character people want to read more of! I also found it interesting – and hopeful – that Cap is 1 of 6 one shot titles.

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