Hopes for DC’s Rebirth

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I got this question via Twitter today:

Thanks a ton for asking Jamie!

Since Twitter is a limited forum (literally; 140 characters) I thought I’d use this space to answer more thoroughly and give others a chance to read it via this site.  [By the way, if any of you reading aren’t familiar with DC’s Rebirth concept you can find out more here.]

My answer comes in tiers because I have both great dreams and limited optimism.

Tier 1 would be the ultimate package: we get a Captain Marvel whose historical identity has been restored.  He’s named Captain Marvel, he’s working with the spirit of a Wizard named Shazam, and the creative team (specifically involving Doc Shaner) loves the character and is writing in the long established ethos of the character.  We’d also get Mary, CMJ, and the rest of the Captain Marvel family back throughout the series.  Cap is a sometimes member of the Justice League and gets called in from time to time, not always to settle down a rogue Superman.


Tier 2 would be (my attempt) at a compromise position.  We’re stuck with the current Shazam name it appears, based on DC’s stated intentions.  That means we also have a Wizard named… Wizard I guess.  However, the creative team would calibrate the character according to Ordway’s Power of Shazam!, Morrison’s Thunderworld, and Shaner’s Convergence (which means they also wouldn’t buy the apparent editorial mandate at DC that everything be grimy in appearance and morally shady in narrative), providing the classic and yet modern take on Marvel’s characterization that has created generations of fans.


Tier 3 is the level at which I’ll become furious with the project if DC doesn’t have enough sense to incorporate (not at my suggestion but rather for the sake of sanity).

And here it is, the absolute bare minimum standard that DC Comics can and should do, both in their own interests and the interest of fans:

Have a Billy Batson who isn’t a self-centered jerk.



Ancticipating Shazam and Scooby-Doo Team Up

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This post is going up simply because I found myself wistfully looking forward to the publication of Scooby-Doo Team Up #16 (5/4/16).  Click the image below for a higher res version of the beautiful promo art – including the wonderful bonus of Mary and Jr.



As Mentioned in Episode 07 – The 1970s Shazam Revival

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If you haven’t already be sure to give Episode 07 a listen.

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Len Miller's Marvelman in all his 1960's Brittish Knock-Off Glory
Len Miller’s Marvelman in all his 1960’s Brittish Knock-Off Glory
Marvelman under Alan Moore's guidance. Note the concurrent series there on the left.
Marvelman under Alan Moore’s guidance. Note the concurrent series there on the left.



Time to Sign Up for the New Mezco Toys Shazam Figure

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Feast your eyes on that beauty right there.

The good people of Mezco Toyz have opened up pre-orders for their new 1:12 Captain Marvel Shazam figure and it is a wonder of poseable customization.


Is it just me or does he kinda look like Norm MacDonald?

Head on over to Mezco Toy’s promo page to lay down your digitial currency and check out all the pictures of this gorgeous figure.



As Mentioned in Episode 6 – Captain Marvel Knock-Offs

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If you haven’t already be sure to give Episode 6 a listen.


1. Who Infringed on Who?


It’s like I’ve said before: You can be a great character, you can have great stories, you can be loved by every creator, but unless your name is Batman, you’re never going to be more important to DC Comics than Superman, and even that’s up for a pretty strong debate. At the end of the day, though, that core idea of Captain Marvel is still every bit as brilliant as it was in 1940 — an idea that was so good that they ended up turning Superman into it. – Chris Sims, Ask Chris #245: Superman vs. Shazam

2. The Fatman Cometh

Like Fat Marvel bleached his hair and went solo.
Like Fat Marvel bleached his hair and went solo.



Jerry Ordway Interview on We Talk Comics

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Jerry Ordway has a legitimate claim to Greatest Captain Marvel storyteller of all time.  If you’re a fan (as you should be) you’ll want to check out the most recent episode of We Talk Comics.

Head over to Comicosity to get the details on the episode as well as links to all the places you can listen or stream it below via Stiitcher:


Fan Made Shazam Movie Trailers

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The subReddit dedicated to Captain Marvel Shazam has yielded two movie trailers for the upcoming (and obviously highly anticipated) Shazam movie.  Both got me excited for the movie and some parts even gave me some goosebumps.

Since I’m not sure how many of Shazamcast!‘s readers visit Reddit I thought I’d post them here.  Enjoy!

The first is from Youtube user AListProductions:

The second is from Youtube user UltraSeargeant:

Last but not least, from Youtube user TMPCTD:


DC Knows Captain Marvel’s Name!

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If you’ve listened to the Shazamcast! podcast or read this accompanying blog for very long you know that what to call Captain Marvel is a big deal and, in quite literal fashion, a first concern.  And an ongoing one.  For real.

Based on the Reddit discussions on the issue it seems that the average comic book reader today is okay with re-naming the character Shazam, silly as that idea is.

In that context it is nice to see DC, in their recent Superman Annual #3 acknowledge what should be commonly recognized:  Earth’s Mightiest Mortal is named Captain Marvel.


Now that DC editorial has demonstrated they know the character’s name can we also hope they understand the need for an ongoing series featuring Captain Marvel?

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Credit for this post belongs to Twitter user Adam Shank (@BizzaroLuther) for this find. Thanks Adam!


Check Out The Superman and Captain Marvel Power Hour

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Good news!  There is a new podcast featuring The World’s Mightiest Mortal!  It’s called The Superman and Captain Marvel Power Hour and you can find its homepage HERE.

As you can tell from the name, the author is focusing on two of the most historically significant (and directly linked) characters in comic history.

The first episode is dedicated to 2010’s classic Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam.  You can find that episode HERE.

Be sure and subscribe podcast; here’s the iTunes link.  You can also connect with The Superman and Captain Marvel Power Hour via Facebook and Twitter (and you totally should)!


Good News from DC Animated

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Carl Shinyama of Facebook and Twitter‘s Let’s Talk Shazam (who you should follow at the links earlier in this sentence) has pointed out some good news about the upcoming Justice League Action cartoon.  Now here’s to hoping that Captain Marvel won’t be as much of a background character as that image seems to suggest!