Episode 03 – Conversation with Carl Shinyama


This episode of the Shazamcast is a free flowing conversation with Carl Shinyama of @LetsTalkShazam (Twitter).

As you will see, it’s a lengthy discussion where we touch on lots of issues connected to Captain Marvel, and finish up on a recommendation from Carl that may be the most common sense suggestion about Cap in decades!


  • Jeff on 10/28/2015

    Holy Moley – you guys did a tremendous job on this podcast. Thank you! I learned so much from this one and you have given me an even greater appreciation for Captain Marvel. This was a truly historical podcast and I would love to see both you you do more! Thank you!!

    • Author
      Curator on 10/28/2015

      Thanks Jeff, much appreciated!

  • Max McConnell on 10/29/2015

    Terrific job, guys! I agree with all your opinions. One nitpick: Otto Binder’s name rhymes with hinder. Not finder.

    • Author
      Curator on 10/29/2015

      Max, no joke?!? Thanks for sharing that – there is no telling how much longer I would have carried on without knowing that. I really appreciate you writing in, particularly with something so helpful. And thanks for listening too!

    • Carl Shinyama on 10/29/2015

      You are absolutely correct. I happen to have been corrected on this before – and yet(!) – I hadn’t learned my lesson.

      However, I will henceforth make sure I pronounce his name properly 🙂 Promise!

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