Episode 07 – The 70s Shazam Revival Origin

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So what happens when you launch a major character’s triumphant return to comics by picking up the story exactly where it left off two decades prior?  Tune in to this episode of the Shazamcast, reviewing 1973’s Shazam! #1, to find out and don’t forget to check out the As Mentioned post for this episode’s visual companion pieces.!

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  • Jeff on 02/29/2016

    After listening to your podcast and thinking about it, it makes me wonder what would have happened if they brought back Captain Marvel with The Power of Shazam series. I kind of like the way DC tried to keep the continuity from the golden age, but they obviously didn’t have a well thought out plan. It may have been better to bypass the attempt at continuity and just go with something like The Power of Shazam. Another great podcast, really enjoyed it – as usual!

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