Episode 14 – Shazam! Film Review, First Take


Finally, the Shazam! film has arrived. That means it is time for your favorite Shazamcaster to break the film down with you. So what are you waiting for – hit that download button, press play, and let’s get going on this long-awaited episode of The Shazamcast!


  • Zach on 04/09/2019

    I listened to the podcast – first episode I’ve listened to, BTW. It was really good.

    It sounds like you have a much longer history with Captain Marvel than myself. With that being said, I’m more familiar with the Geoff Johns stuff than the former runs on the character. So I don’t have that baggage, I guess.
    I really enjoyed the movie. It was definitely a step in the right direction away from the Zach Snyder fiasco.

    I just wanted to mention that I agree with some of the concerns you stated in the show – about how comic book movies go out of their way, it seems, to be inappropriate for younger audiences. It doesn’t make sense to me. The strip club stuff really put me off, as a father of a young son. I am very apprehensive about showing this movie to him. Both me and him are not ready for that conversation yet!

    Great show.

    • Author
      Curator on 06/02/2019

      Thanks for listening! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I totally join you in being glad for a step away from the mess Snyder made.

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