Episode 11 – Meet Black Adam

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It’s time to take a look at the most high profile (at the moment anyway) member of the Shazam family tree: Black Adam.  Tune in as we take a look at 1945’s “The Mighty Marvels Join Forces!” from Marvel Family #1.

For a digital copy of the issue along with some companion material check out the companion post for preview of Episode 11.

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  • Jeff on 03/23/2017

    Really loved this podcast! It’s very interesting and you bring up some questions and points I hadn’t thought of or noticed. I totally agree with you that Black Adam is a villain, not a misunderstood anti-hero. You asked for the issue when Black Adam returns, that was in Shazam! #28 where Sivana brings him back using his resurrection machine.

    I have an observation about Black Adam’s demise. If you watch the original Mummy movie with Boris Karloff, the Mummy meets a very similar fate – the magic scroll that keeps him alive is destroyed and he ages rapidly! I’m wondering if Fawcett borrowed that for Black Adam’s defeat.

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