Reviewing 2006’s Justice #7 for JLMay 2017

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The Shazamcast is up for #JLMay2017 – we’re looking at Alex Ross’ Justice #7 (from 2006).  Inside you’ll find Alex Ross loving on The World’s Mightiest Mortal, Hal Jordan going from As the World Turns to actual limbo, and Superman taking the best version of the JLA (sorry Firestorm!) into his Fortress of Solitude for team building and trust falls.

It’s all here in The Shazamcast‘s 12th Episode.  After you are done listening be sure to head over to the Comic Reflections podcast for the next episode in the thrilling #JLMay2017 podcast crossover event (or look below for the list of participating podcasts in order of episode number so you can catch up)!

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