[Updated] Episode 15 – Shazam! Film Review, Second Take (with Special Guest Derik Zoo)!



  • SilverWarriorWolf on 04/10/2019

    First of all, let me say, I love your podcast, and for the most part agree with a lot of your opinions on Captain Marvel. However, there are some parts I have questions about. I just have several questions:

    1. You mentioned in the podcast that the wisdom of Solomon should keep Captain Marvel from making boneheaded decisions. However, the historical Solomon (and I agree, it’s historical) made MANY horrific decisions, so I really don’t see it as being exclusionary. Also, while I agree the strip joint shouldn’t have been in the movie, the fact that Solomon had a 1,000 pagan wives suggests that part wouldn’t be inaccurate, either.

    2. I kinda find the idea of a Billy and Captain Marvel as two separate entities kind of creepy. An adult man in the body of a little boy give off “no thank you” vibes. I read and loved “Shazam vs The Monster Society of Evil,” and even it felt wrong. It’s a bit better if it’s same person, different personalities, but only a little. How would you reconcile that?

    3. How would you characterize the new trio (Pedro, Darla, and Eugene)? No real basis here, just curious.

    Love the podcast and just wanted to comment. I have a hard time finding old school Captain Marvel fans to chat with.

    • Author
      Curator on 06/02/2019


      Sorry for not reply sooner. Thanks for listening and commenting.

      1. That’s a really great point and, as a result, a tough question. My answer: I’m assuming that Solomon’s Wisdom is the culmination of his lived experience and, based on Ecclesiasties, I assume he’s seen the error of those ways and thus would keep Billy from that particular foolishness.

      2. I think Billy’s mind is default, Billy’s mind + Solomon’s wisdom = Captain Marvel. Thus when he is Billy he wouldn’t have the adult mind, only his default kiddo mind.

      3. Honestly? Superfulous. Roy Thomas said they were a combination of the Marvel Family and the Jr. Marvels. He wasn’t a fan and I could definitely do without them.

      Thanks again + sorry again for the late reply!

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