“There Will Be A Shazam Book”

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In a recent interview with Blastr DC Comics’ CCO Geoff Johns had this to say about how the Shazam character relates to DC’s Rebirth:

Will Shazam be getting his own book? What about Justice Society and Legion of Super Heroes? And what’s the strategy to rolling it out?

“There will be a Shazam book. Not by me, but they’re definitely doing a Shazam book. One of the reasons they’re double shipping, the advantage to double-ship, is to take the number of titles and contract it, and the number of characters. Get these characters right. Then, slowly, when you’ve made sure everything’s working in a great way, then Shazam comes out. Legion of Super-Heroes comes out. Justice Society comes out. Atom comes out. All the other books can come out. But it’s important to get them done right first. It is hard to launch 52 books, and make them all great. I think it’s better to focus on fewer characters, then expand it as the emotional base is back.”

It doesn’t sound like there is an aggressive time frame.  I have major doubts that Johns can lead a project that gets the character right.

But I’m very encouraged to hear Johns commit to a Captain Marvel Shazam title in print as well as hear him emphasize the need to get the character right (particularly when combined with his note that he won’t be doing the book).

Good news!

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